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Supporting Local charities : Thank you message.

This letter was received from Glass Ceiling Arts Collective following support for a production by the Potter Masonic Trust and the Freemasons of New Zealand. This is well within the tradition of freemasonry supporting local charities.

A mighty big thank you to
the Potter Masonic Trust and
the Freemasons of New Zealand
from Glass Ceiling Arts Collective
for supporting our children and their families,
in our recent production of Shrek The Musical Jr, in Auckland.

Supporting Local charities

In 2020, the trustees of The Potter Masonic Trust kindly agreed to provide financial support to Glass Ceiling Arts Collective, to present a youth musical theatre show in Auckland, with a cast made up of children both with and without a disability.
The show, Shrek The Musical Jr, was presented in FIVE live performances on the weekend of 9-11th April. Shrek was very well received and the season was a sellout.
One of the requirements of us accepting the support of The Potter Masonic Trust was that we would write a report at the conclusion of the project. The support we received, however, is worthy of much more than a simple report; rather, it’s worthy of a MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU!
2020/21 has proved to be a very challenging period for a start-up Arts charity which addresses the needs of the disability community. We have used up a huge volume of scarce resource seeking support from gaming trusts and government agencies, like Creative New Zealand and the Ministry of Arts, but all to no avail. The impact this has on the programme of work we have planned for the next few years will be significant.
The support we received from The Potter Masonic Trust stands out from the rest, however. Indeed, Glass Ceiling Arts Collective would not have been in a position to present Shrek at all, were it not for your grant.
I think it fitting that the remarkable success of Shrek The Musical Jr should be shared with all freemasons from throughout New Zealand, in honour of Frederick Seymour Potter (1847–1941) whose amazing legacy continues to assist the development, education and well-being of children, through the work of charities like Glass Ceiling Arts Collective.
Thank you
On behalf of everyone at Glass Ceiling Arts Collective
Michael Eaglesome “

Supporting Local charities
Selwyn Cooper and Eddie Eeles, trustees of the the Potter Trust with Pippa, aged 5., with her thank you letters.

What is the Glass Ceiling Arts Collective?

Supporting Local charities

Glass Ceiling Arts Collective is a new charity established in early 2020, which supports the well-being of young children with disabilities and their families, by offering opportunities in the performing arts.
We have a unique point of difference to many similar organisations, as all our programmes are based on inclusive participation; we welcome young people both with and without a disability.
It’s surprising to learn just how important this is to families who have a child with a disability. In the family home, disability is the norm and so families adapt and get on. They eat together and they play together.
When they step outside the house, however, society, too often, dictates that a child with a disability will go to a school for children with disabilities and clubs which cater to children with disabilities, whilst children with no disability go to the local school and club.
Glass Ceiling Arts Collective says “let’s create an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.”
Our children who have a disability enjoy the opportunity to perform on stage in a quality theatre production alongside children who do not have a disability. Meanwhile the children who do not have a disability benefit hugely as they develop empathy and understanding of disability. We also receive a great deal of support from parents who love the fact that Glass Ceiling Arts Collective is so accommodating of disability. For them, it is an opportunity for the whole family to engage in a common activity.
It really is remarkable to see the friendships, the support networks, and the community which has developed around the group.
Key points of interest
● Over 400 people from the general public enjoyed the show (theatre filled to capacity, a sellout
● The ticket price and participant fee was extremely low (removing financial barriers to participation)
● People with and without disabilities who saw the show are asking if they can join Glass Ceiling Arts Collective (creating access to the arts for all)
● People with and without disabilities have been asking when they can see another show from our Youth Theatre group (feedback suggests that the production quality was extremely high

Supporting Local charities

Do you want to know more about freemasonry in Papakura and surrounding area, and how we are supporting Local charities? contact us

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