Origins of Freemasonry

The origins of Freemasonry are lost in time. However but we can trace its tradition to the Middle Ages. To construct the cathedrals and castles in Europe, it was essential for stonemasons to have an advanced knowledge of Engineering, Geometry, and Arithmetic.  These masons formed themselves into lodges to pass their knowledge on to apprentices as well as to protect the skills and secrets of their occupation. These masons were free in contrast of most trades people at the time, hence the word “Freemason”.

What is Freemasonry
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What is Freemasonry?

Modern Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values. It is based on the three principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Freemasonry is not a religion, or a substitute for religion.

Freemasonry is non-political, and discussing politics at Masonic meetings is prohibited.

Freemasons are taught moral lessons and self-knowledge by a series of ritual dramas which follow ancient forms. They use stonemasons’ customs and tools as allegorical guides.

Why joining Freemasonry?

There are multiple aspects to Freemasonry, and people join for multiple reasons such as making new friends and acquaintances, helping deserving causes, and making a contribution to family and society. It is also an enjoyable hobby.

Freemasonry infuse in its members a moral and ethical approach to life; it helps you to develop the knowledge and skills to be the best you can be.

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