LODGE PAPAKURA 56 Code of Conduct

Code of conduct

The following conduct is expected from the members of our lodge

Freemasonry is a group of like-minded men, meeting and working in harmony, teaching strong moral and ethical values in personal, family and community behaviour, having a code of caring for others.

 It is founded upon principals of tolerance, care, kindness, honesty, and trust.

All members of Lodge Papakura are expected to demonstrate and act with those principals in mind, more especially to:

  • Provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and positive environment for our members, our partners, and visitors.
  • Uphold a non-discriminatory approach to all individuals and treat everybody equally regardless of race, sex, gender identification, national origin, religion, or any other characteristic protected by law.
  • Adopt a “we not me” team approach. Take responsibility for your actions, speak positively of each other, show respect and be supportive.
  • Be proactive, to provide assistance and support to other members as and when it is appropriate to do so.
  • Exhibit tolerance, be open and honest discussing issues (not personalities) and help to maintain high levels of team spirit.
  • Judge people by their current actions – Live in the present, work for the future, leave failures and grievances in the past.
  • Demonstrate integrity and protect in confidence those things known to you or shared with you by a brother when it is required or appropriate to do so.
  • Provide active support to the Master and officers of the Lodge in the activities, affairs, projects, and charitable endeavours of the organisation.
  • At all times, to be an upright and law-abiding citizen, show due respect for the laws of the land and those in authority.
  • Strive for excellence, meet deadlines, be prompt and maintain high standards; especially perform the business and ritual of masonic meetings with the best of your ability and with due consideration for the established protocols of both Freemasonry and of the lodge.
  • Learn from mistakes and seek ways to improve.
  • Care for the assets of the Lodge, and those of others, as if they were your own.
  • In keeping with, and to demonstrate respect for, Masonic principals and tradition, at our regular meetings, where practicable, to adhere to the customary dress code aby wearing a dark lounge suit, white shirt, black shoes, and a suitable tie.
  • Show due respect for the Master of the lodge and Grand Lodge Officers and those in authority within Freemasonry.
  • Share positive feedback and seek opportunities to recognise and celebrate the success of others.
  • Promote Freemasonry in general and Lodge Papakura in particular, at all appropriate opportunities; talk openly with pride about the craft and assist anyone seeking information or membership about Freemasonry.
  • Support BGP national initiatives such as “Speak Up, Step Up and Show Up” for Freemasonry.
The original concept was prepared by Lodge Copernicus #505
the former building when the members of Lodge Papakura 56 used to meet before the move.
The Papakura Masonic Centre

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